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Hi, I'm Antoine. I am located in Nantes, France but i can come wherever you want as long as travel fees are covered. I am a wedding photographer since 2013. I have a modern photo journalistic approach to get candid shots and i have also a fine art approach to get more elaborated shots.

I love traveling, meeting people, literature (Bukowsky, Iceberg Slim, André Breton, Franck Thilliez...), comic strips (Moebius, Jirö Taniguchi, Frederik Peeters..), music (Reggae, Pop Corn Tunes, Northern Soul, Jazz...) and cinema of course (Martin Scorsese, Tarantino, Amodovar, Wong Kar-Wai...).

I used to work abroad for about ten years in Jamaica, Togo and Namibia. I used to teach french abroad and i have also been a librarian. I am into photography since a very young age. It's my way to express myself, to tell stories, transcribe emotions and to relate to people. It was my dream to become a photographer and my dream come true now ;)

If you enjoyed watching my photos and you wish to collaborate, use the contact form to drop me a message and let's meet over tea via skype, whatsapp or whatever app you prefer. I would love to tell your story.

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