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Bozhidar KrastevVonlè Art

Ruse - Ruse Province [ Bulgaria ] FLAG

Whispering Memories for a Lifetime…

I believe Wedding Photography is the art of capturing the passion, emotions and excitement you experience on your special day in its most beautiful, glamorous and natural form.

I love telling the story of a wedding, not directing it. I consider my photography style as reportage, even more, I live for the pure and authentic wedding reportage.

As it is my ambition to produce evocative and memorable work, I would rather go for the quiet moments in the course of the wedding day and capture the subtleties of the day along with the big emotions.

I prefer the couple to share their candid fairy-tale with me and completely forget about me as I do my best to stay unobtrusive.

I'm pleased to be a awarded member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and the National Association of the Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers (NAPSFV) of Bulgaria, as well as to compete with other wedding photographers worldwide being a part of FearlessPhotographers.

I'm extremely pleased to announce that my photography is highly recognized by the most reputable international associations for wedding photography. My photos have been awarded for best wedding photojournalism (WPJA) and Fearlessphotographers and take place next to the big names worldwide.

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