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Carolina MosqueraLUX VOF

Brugge - Flanders [ Belgium ] FLAG

Our Story...
Carolina was captured by the image after she'd seen an exhibition of Henri Cartier-Bresson many years ago.
The way he translated life into image was so calculated and yet so spontaneous.
in this way she also wanted to look at life, she began a search for a form in the ordinary things of life, the emotions, people and events around her.

After Carolina met Maarten several years ago, she was in love with the coziness and warmth he brought with him.
After the birth of their children Matteo-Alessio, Dantes and Malena, it became clear how much family means to her and how important it was to her to capture these memories and moments...

In 2014 they decided to take the plunge and start Lux… In the meantime they have grown into a beautiful lux team of cool personalities and beautiful characters.

It is wonderful to photograph love, new life, memories and special moments and to make people happy.

We want to capture those moments when we are real, honest and pure…

That is how we want to be and how we want to give.

- Carolina Mosquera -

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