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You’re still looking for a wedding photographer? For someone who will be there and catch every part of your fairytale and let you recapture again your dream threw photos?
I would be happy to be the person who will capture all beautiful moments and emotions on your wedding day.

I love to travel around the world, so feel free to contact me and let me be your storyteller wherever you want to go...

Everywhere in this planet we can found a place for our love and that is usually the place where we like to get back. Meeting new cities and wedding styles, designs and customs let me fell free to be creative and fell the atmosphere. I am not an usual photographer, I am first of all a human who puts all his feelings in those photos and who enjoy being a part of every fairytale and whose heart is so happy when bride and groom are laughing.
Camera is my friend in this journey that I am taking with all of you. My success is your smiles and happiness.

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