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I never wanted to photograph people. It was dirt, ruins, remains of the industrial past of my German home area that hooked me in the first place. Documenting change, looking past the surface, digging deeper to find beauty in things you really don't consider beautiful. Not the classical people photographers' background, I suppose.

Twelve years ago my best friend married and asked me to take a couple pictures along the way. I couldn't really turn her down, mostly because I knew she would be glad for any documentation I could provide considering the budget allowed for only an hour of professional photography. Posed couple pictures was what they paid the professional for, lasting memories of the day was what I gave to them.

Looking past the surface of beautiful dresses, pretty flowers, amazing wedding decoration to find the real gems is my goal. Digging deeper. And capturing the essence of what a wedding is. Who needs all the bling bling if you are about to witness the promise between two people to spend their lives together? It can be imperfect, it can be raw and touching, it can be all the beauty in the world. This is what keeps me going. Real. Documentary. Focused.

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