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Hi, I’m Tomo and I think getting married is the most incredible thing you can do.
When I was younger, I had a dream of being in a Pilot… sadly that didn’t happen – but as a grown-up, I love to create beautiful images.
I live in London with my wife and our new baby Katja Rose.
We share our home with two sleepy cats called Mila and Cat.

Whilst I love London I grew up in a cottage in the countryside in Slovenia. Miles from shops or city centres. Both of my parents were artists of different sorts. My dad was a Journalist and encouraged me to enjoy my freedom. My mother was a Teacher and, she would teach people what she knew. Neither of my parents had a camera and they don’t have any photographs of their wedding day.
Looking back now that seems strange as we were a very creative family. I was taught to read and play music, given a pencil and piece of paper to draw when I was bored and sent outside to kick a football around our fields in the summer. I was in the school football team and did well at math.
I’ve always been creative. Music. Drawing. Painting. But after discovering photography I started to develop a love of photographing people. Parties, family reunions, christenings. It was liberating to share my vision of the world with others and be complimented in return.
As I mentioned I believe that getting married is the most incredible thing you can do. Giving yourself, completely and wholly to one another and being accepted by them is… well, something that can’t really be described with words…

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